A mortgage survey is almost always required by a lender to confirm that the property being purchased is free of any above ground encroachments. All improvements within the boundaries are shown, as well as the boundary lines to display the property’s limits.


An elevation certificate can be obtained to purchase flood insurance. The certificate is usually ordered at the same time as the mortgage survey. In addition, an elevation certificate could be required to obtain building permits for certain residential and/or commercial projects.


A topographic survey is a boundary survey that includes elevations of the terrain throughout the property, including two onsite benchmarks. This type of survey is usually necessary for design purposes, which would be useful to an architect or engineer.


This is the most complete type of survey available because it includes many details that a standard boundary survey does not. For a complete list of what an ALTA/ACSM land title survey contains, please click here.


A specific purpose survey can be used for many specific purposes, such as locating a specific area within a larger parcel of land. It may include only one side of a building structure, or even one property line, instead of surveying the whole property.


An as built survey, which is commonly called a record survey, notes down both horizontal and vertical dimensional data. It’s this data which is then used to find and set forth construction improvements on the property. In essence, an as-built survey is an “as is” survey of a property. 


The spot survey is a shortened report that states exactly where the boundary lines are, ensuring that the home sits within the boundaries outlined. However, that is not a requirement for the spot survey.


Once the foundation walls are poured and in place, a foundation survey is done to document that step in the construction process. This type of survey is performed to make sure that the walls were constructed at the right elevation and in the proper location.

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